If you have a video of a variation this can be submitted as the video audition material. If you don't have one please prepare as follows:

Video Auditions can be submitted via YouTube.
Please follow these instructions to submit your video audition.

A) Sample of combinations for video audition are:

At the Barre: Grand plié in 1st position, tendu à la seconde with right foot to 2nd position, grand plié in 2nd position, tendu close to 5th position.

Starting 5th position Développé devant , développé à la seconde.en face, Développée derrière – bring back to Passé, développé écarté derrière close to 5th position in the back pas de bourrée finish in 5th position.

Center: In 5th position en face right foot in front, arms to à la seconde. 3 battement tendu à la seconde with the right leg, 3rd one close with plié finish left foot in front. Same to the left finish right foot in front. Relevé passé with the right foot front to 4th position préparation to double pirouettes en dehors close into 5th position plié left foot in front, détourné to right foot front, degage right foot to 4 chaînés turns, finish tendu effacé derriére standing on right leg, arms in 4th postion with left arm up.

Jumps: Start from 5th position right foot front. 4 sauté in 1st position open to 2nd position and 4 sauté in 2nd position, close into left foot front 5th position continue with 4 changement de pieds and 2 Échappé sauté 2nd position. Finish in 5th position right foot front.

B) Upload your video to YouTube, mark it as Private and save the address (url) of the video

C) Complete the form below making sure that you:

D) Complete the $30 online audition fee

Please note that ONLINE REGISTRATION is required prior to completing the audition form.


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